TradeDirect365 CFD Broker Review

TradeDirect365 CFD Broker Review

In this Tradedirect365 review, we would like to uncover the most important points about the broker. Find out more about the types of accounts 👨 you can open with TD365, its trading platforms, and markets 📈 that will be open for you with the broker. Make the most of the trading instruments available on the website and earn your income with Tradedirect365.

Why Consider Tradedirect365 For CFD Trading

You can hardly find a broker that welcomes its clients with a signup bonus. TD365 is one of those. After you register your account, it offers $2,500 as a Tradedirect365 bonus as a trading cost rebate in the first month of trading.  This is not the only benefit you’ll get with the broker when you sign in. Decent Tradedirect365 ⚖️ leverage of 30:1, 🚫 no minimum deposit requirements, access to the broad selection of the most useful trading tools – just to name a couple.

Tradedirect365: Account Opening

There is nothing easier than to open an account with TD365. We liked the user-friendly interface of the Tradedirect365 website that allows signing up in no time. In the Tradedirect365 review we offer you to follow these simple steps to create an account:

  1. On the homepage of the website, there are two buttons: “Open an Account” and “Try Demo Account”. If you’d like to start trading for real money, click on the left blue button “Open an Account”.
  2. On the account page choose between the three account types: “Personal Account”, “Corporate Account” and “Trust/SMSF Account”.
  3. Click on the “Create your Account” button.
  4. Fill in the application form with your personal details (first and last name, date of birth) and contact information (phone number, user name, e-mail, and password). Click “Next”.
  5. On the next page fill in the information about your source of funds, employment and tick the checkboxes you see there. Click “Finish”.
  6. Verify your account, make a deposit and start trading.

Account Types & Fees

In this Tradedirect365 review we would like to feature the selection of accounts the broker offers to choose between. Your first choice will be between real and demo accounts. If you decide to start with creating a real account then you will be presented with three kinds of them. In order to be sure which type of account is the most suitable for you, let us look at each of them in more detail.

Personal Account

If you are an individual trader then a Personal Account on Tradedirect365 is your choice. With this account, you will have access to all standard trading instruments and a large variety of markets.

Corporate Account

Corporate Account was created with corporate establishments and business enterprises in mind. It is a convenient type of account for corporations to create because it provides the strongest support and risk management when it comes to operating larger sums of money.

Trust/SMSF Account

The Trust/SMSF Account was designed especially for trust and pension funds that take charge of employees’ retirement money via SMSF (self-managed super funds).  

Demo Account

Beginners will find it very useful to try out Demo Account on Tradedirect365. With this account type, a new trader will be given the chance to trade in close to real conditions without any risk to his/her money. It is an absolutely free marvelous opportunity to learn before you start trading with your funds.

Tradedirect365 Spreads Comparison

There is just one trading commission in the amount of $5/0.07% that Tradedirect365 charges for ASX shares of value above $7,150. The broker has 24 hour fixed spreads on Forex. See the comparison of some Tradedirect 365 spreads to the spreads of other brokers in the table below.

IC Markets0.
Go Markets0.200.200.400.50
Admiral Markets0.100.500.600.60

Trading Platforms

There is the possibility to work with two trading platforms on Tradedirect365: MetaTrader4 Platform and CloudTrade CFD Platform. The main difference between the two types of CFD platforms is that CloudTrade features fixed spreads while on MT4 you can work with variable spreads.    

Metatrader 4 Platform

MT4 is one of the most popular CFD trading platforms among beginner, intermediate Tradedirect365 traders, and scalpers. It offers high functionality with advanced trading and risk management tools like Correlation Matrix, Trade Terminal, Alarm Manager, and many others. The platform creates the possibility for algorithmic trading with the Expert Advisors you can download via the MT Marketplace. MT4 is available as desktop versions and a mobile app for Android and iOS systems. Let’s find out more in the Tradedirect365 review of the platforms below.

Cloudtrade CFD Platform

CloudTrade Platform is developed by Tradedirect365 for Forex trading. It is appreciated by traders for its user-friendly interface and customization options. Charting tools of the platform include 15 different types of charts with around 90 technical indicators. The platform also offers great risk management tools like stop losses, pending orders, and automated trailing stop orders. CloudTrade Platform is presented as a web-based version that is easily adjustable to any device and doesn’t require downloads or updates. It can also be downloaded and installed as an Android or iOS app with full access to all the trading instruments available in its web-based version.

Cloudtrade CFD Platform

Tradedirect365 Trading Tools

In the Tradedirect365 review we would like to point out that the broker’s clients have access to a wide range of trading tools 📈 via the MT4 platform. Besides the in-built trading instruments, traders can create their own customized tools that will perfectly reflect their needs. For instance, you can write your own Expert Advisor with the help of the MQL4 programming language. As to the available instruments, let’s have a look at some examples to have a better understanding of what to expect from Tradedirect365.

  • Alarm Manager – the feature with a lot of set-up options that notifies a trader whenever there are certain changes on the market or account. A trader chooses what exactly to be notified about and selects the contact channels he/she wishes to get the notifications through. These include SMS and emails.
  • Market Manager – the tool that provides the possibility to work with positions, follow the information on lists tickets, price activity, and equity.
  • Smart Lines – a risk management tool that features stop-loss for positions in the shape of lines.
  • Trade Terminal – the instrument for analyzing the market that consists of the market watch and order list.
  • Correlation Matrix – a useful tool for identifying strong and weak correlations on various time scales.

Asset Classes Available At TD365

Tradedirect365 covers plenty of asset classes providing traders with crystal clear pricing conditions thanks to the fixed spreads for all the products. Tradedirect365 fees do not include any commissions. Commodity, cryptocurrency, stock, and index trading – are just a couple of examples you can consider for yourself when trading with TD365. With the broker, you get low trading costs and fast trade that ensures the most effective and pleasant trading experience.

Index Trading

Offers fixed spread during 24 hours even with volatile markets. You can trade the following indices: ASX 200, SP 500, Wall St 30, UK100, DE 30, and many more.

Forex Trading

You can trade Forex without any commission fees on Tradedirect365. The broker offers to use the highly functional Single Currency Spread Trading platform where the size of your stake is expressed in the monetary unit of the base currency you use for your account.

Commodity Trading

Trade on the difference in prices of a broad range of commodities available for trading on TD365. Both, hard (gold, silver, oil) and soft (sugar, coffee) commodities can be considered for making bids.

Cryptocurrency Trading

All the major cryptocurrencies are offered on fixed spreads by the broker. With spread trading, you can go long or short and make money on this popular asset. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and other kinds of cryptocurrency are open for you on the Tradedirect website.

Stock Trading

Fixed spreads and small trading costs along the whole TD365 stock selection make it very attractive for traders to trade with the broker. Provide a small margin (usually 5% of stock value) and speculate on the price fluctuations.

Dividend Projections

Every week Tradedirect365 publishes a price overview for stocks and stock indices influenced by dividends paid by companies. It is an important estimation for a trader to base his/her subsequent market predictions.

Tradedirect365 Withdrawal And Deposit Options

We would like to review Tradedirect365 banking methods you can choose from when depositing funds to your account. For instance, bank transfer, credit and debit cards, POLi, and others. As to the withdrawal, there is only one accessible payment option you can apply – bank transfer. Let’s check out the available withdrawal and deposit options in more detail.

Bank Transfer

You can both withdraw and deposit funds via this payment method. Take into account that this is the only option available for traders to perform withdrawal from Tradedirect365. There is a difference in the time it takes to withdraw money from the TD365 account for Australian and non-Australian residents. For Australians, it won’t take more than a day to cash out funds. For all the rest the withdrawal times are between 3 to 5 days. The currency that you can withdraw via the payment method without any additional fees is the Australian dollar. Thus, remember about the currency exchange fee if you make transfers in any other currency. There are no Tradedirect365 fees imposed on the bank transfer.

Debit/Credit Cards

You can use only Visa and MasterCard as a payment option. You can make a deposit to the Tradedirect365 account via this method in US or Australian dollars, British pounds, or Euros. The broker doesn’t charge any fees for the deposit. The deposited money will instantly be available on your account.

POLi Online Banking

POLi is an e-wallet accessible only to Australian residents with the possibility to use only Australian dollars for transfers via this method. The deposit is instant. There are no fees taken for the transfer via POLi.


One more depositing method accessible to Australians is Transferwise. The only currency you can use to make a deposit via this payment option is Australian dollars. Make sure that your Tradedirect account name is the same one you use for the Transferwise account. This is important for the verification process because if account names are different you won’t be able to make deposits with the help of the payment method.

Research Tools And Resources

In this Tradedirect3656 review, we would like to mention that TD365 doesn’t provide traders with any news feeds, or other research tools. You will need to find such tools and resources in other sources. There are recommendations on how to perform market research on the TD365 website. Even though the broker does not have the research tools, it offers a huge variety of useful educational resources that are described below.

Education Resources For Beginners And Professionals

One of the strongest sides of the broker that we want to emphasize in the Tradedirect365 review is their education resources. The broker offers accessible and well-structured educational materials on their website. You can select from one of the following menu options:

  1. Secrets of CFD Trading – this is the section where you will be offered a broad selection of articles on different trading-related topics that offer an in-depth analysis and review of each of them. With the help of the information overviewed in the articles, you will be able to develop your own personal approach to trading.
  2. Platform User Guide – if you are not an avid fan of reading articles and you would rather watch a short tutorial then this segment on the TD365 website was created especially for you. The videos cover topics on the website usage so it would be easier for you to navigate the platform.
  3. Video User Guides – here you will find video user guides on how to use the CloudTrade Platform. You will learn how to place and close trades, customize your chart, apply risk management tools, and many others.
  4. FAQ – the page is dedicated to the most common questions people ask when starting their trading careers with Tradedirect365. The information presented here is concise and always up to the point. 
  5. Glossary of CFD Terms – the section includes all the widely used CFD notions explained in the most detailed and clear way to make it easy for a beginner trader to understand them. There are around 60 terms on the whole on the Glossary page.

We would also like to mention that TD365 has an amazing educational course developed especially for the broker’s client by the famous educator All Brooks. The educational package was created for traders who are on different levels of their trading experience: beginners and advanced courses.

The Beginner Course has 27 educational units with more than 6 hours of content. The only thing you need before you get access to the resources is to deposit to your account.

Advanced Course is designed for traders who do not wish to remain on the same level and would like to improve their skills. TD365 will open you access to 60 hours of educational content for advanced traders when you put $500 on your account.

Tradedirect365 Support Review

The customer support team on TD365 is ready to provide you with the highest quality of services through Monday to Friday and is available 24/5. As with many other brokers, you can contact customer support via e-mails and live chats. One of the advantages of Tradedirect365 is that they offer support via phone. It is an option that not all brokers are ready to offer to their clients. For our Tradedirect 365 review, we tested all the support contact channels and were left very satisfied with the assistance provided by TD365 support agents when we referred to them on different topics. You can expect a quick and informative response and a polite attitude.

Pros And Cons

Regulated and authorized brokerLimited withdrawal options
Different market options are availableLimited research tools
Access to MT4 CFD trading platformUSA traders are not accepted
Proprietary CloudTrade Platform 
No commissions 
Excellent educational materials 
High-quality customer support 

Bottom Line

One of the most trustworthy Australian brokers, Tradedirect365 has a lot of advantages to offer to its clients. As a beginner trader, you will find it easy to register an account and navigate the user-friendly website. You will also find plenty of well-structured educational materials in the form of articles, video tutorials, glossary, and especially designed trading courses. Great variety of Tradedirect365 depositing and withdrawal methods will also make your experience with the broker more enjoyable. You will have access to a lot of CFDs to trade. Choose between one of the two available trading platforms, MT4 and CloudTrade, and earn your income by trading Indices, Forex, Cryptocurrency, and Commodities on TD365.  


Is Tradedirect365 A Legit Broker?

Yes, Tradedirect365 is a legit broker regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Is Tradedirect365 A Fixed Spread Broker?

Yes, Tradedirect365 is a fixed spread broker that offers fixed spreads on different asset classes including Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

What Types Of CFD Account Does Tradedirect365 Offer?

Tradedirect365 offers four types of accounts: Personal Account, Corporate Account, Trust/SMSF Account, and Demo Account.

Does Tradedirect365 Offer Any Welcome Bonus?

Yes, Tradedirect365 offers a Welcome Bonus in the form of a $2,500 trading cost rebate within the first month of trading after you register your account.