How Does CFD Trading Work?

CFD stands for ‘Contracts for Differences’ and before we tackle the topic of how to trade them it’s important to understand what do traders talk about when referring to CFDs. In this article we will explain how CFD trading works and cover the following topics: Define CFDs Contracts for Differences (CFDs) is one of the … Read more

CFD Trading vs Shares Trading: What Are the Differences?

Trading CFDs and shares are two completely different things but both of these types of assets are traded on financial markets. Trading CFDs and shares should be done through the services of a licensed brokers. It is also important to know the difference between trading CFDs and other financial instruments, such as options and futures. … Read more

CFD Trading vs Options Trading

CFD trading and options trading have similarities such as the fact that both of them are derived from trading shares and other tradable financial assets, e.g. futures. And apart from that there is not a lot more to say about their similarities, so let’s look at how they differ from one another. Options trading requires … Read more

CFD Trading vs Futures Trading

Both CFD trading and futures trading are a popular form of buying and selling assets in various financial markets, including bonds, commodities, shares and forex. However, CFD trading is quite different from futures trading in its very nature and in traders’ intent. As you should be already familiar with how CFD trading works below we … Read more