Security - FirstStep


Word class bank-level security, encryption and fraud mitigation measures are employed to ensure your data and finances are secure

Security is a top priority of FirstStep. We have invested significant resources in ensuring our security infrastructure maintains global bank-level security benchmarks.

End-to-end encryption

All communications on the App are encrypted with 2048-bit SSL Security.

All our data is stored using AES-256 encryption on our dedicated hosted servers.

Encrypted bank details

Your bank login details are encrypted and stored securely. They are not visible or readable by anyone, not even by us.

Identity protection

When you provide bank details to FirstStep, these details allow a one-way connection with your bank, authorising FirstStep to retrieve your transaction history only. FirstStep does not record bank balances.

Authorised transfers only

When linking your bank account, FirstStep initiates your bank to send a special pin code via SMS to authorise transfers of investment contributions. Our infrastructure ensures your investments can only only be transferred to FirstStep

Data backup and encryption

All historical data is securely backed up on local servers for audit and compliance purposes.

Additional security measures

AWS DDOS protection to protect your data and our service against viruses, fraud and against cyber attacks.

We automatically log you out if you close or switch to other apps. We encourage you to set up a secret pin-code or enable touch ID for applicable iOS devices.

In addition to, multi factor authentication, email validation and automatic logouts, our smart software monitors your account for any suspicious activity.