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Automatically invest spare change from your everyday purchases

Whether you are out with friends or shopping for new clothes, take the guilt out of spending and build wealth on the go. The FirstStep App rounds up your purchases to the next whole dollar and accumulates that spare change amount over the week ready for you to invest.

Stay in control and stay financially healthy as you use the FirstStep App to monitor your spending and investing health.

So take your first steps and chill, put your spare change to work. Start small, learn and build wealth.

Invest your way in portfolios that matter

Do you believe in Tech, or being socially responsible? Or taking care of our ageing population? Or regions like Asia?

Make it your own and build a portfolio that reflects you

Tech Theme


Access the innovators that build the products you use everyday

Ethical Theme


Invest your money towards building a cleaner future

Health Theme


Access the companies that are treating our worlds ageing population

Health Theme


Invest in the engine room of the world

You can change and add as many options as you want through the App. It's up to you!

Secure Investing

Bank Level Encryption

All your personal information is secured with 256-bit AES encryption

Anti Fraud Protection

Account monitoring, multi factor authentication, email validation and automatic logouts implemented to keep your personal information secure

Security Commitment

We perform regular testing on our system and any Australian Bank is able to review our security credentials

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